Erik's Life

And I thought my ears had a lot of wax in them!

Last night I went to sleep with my candles still lit on the windowsill next to my bed. I was sound asleep at 5:30am having some fantastic dream when I suddenly felt like my hair was on fire! I leapt out of bad frantically patting my head and turned on my lamp. What I saw before me was a huge oozing stream of hot green wax all over my windowsill and pillow and in my hair! One of my candles had burned a hole through the side allowing for a nice steady stream of wax to come pouring out of. Luckily there was no permanent damage to my mop of hair and after picking and combing the wax out of my hair and then cleaning a lukewarm lake of wax off of my windowsill I was able to catch a few more ZZZ’s.