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Made By Hippies Dot Com Updated!

Hey Now! I’ve spent the last week updating all the pages on our website, so go visit and check it out. We updated a bunch of the photos, fixed up some old pages and tuned up the buttons and links on each page to get a clean quick loading website to our visitors. So check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear from you. I write all the code for myself using simple html code and notepad as my editor, then I ftp the files to my webserver and whalaa, a website! Check out the vending photos page to see photos of us selling our tie dyes in 2010. Also check out the updated about us page to see photos of our new home in Hippyland, Oregon and some of our neighbors.

So just for ole times sake I’m gonna check out the website rankings real fast…
On a basic google search for each search term here is how ranks:

tie dye, #9 on the first page
tie dye clothing, #3
how to tie dye #7, is #6 (our other website, check it out!)
tie dye t-shirts, #10 & #11 both on the first page

so that is all pretty sweet… gonna be a great tie dye year this 2011, it already is!



Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Sandy Mountain Festival 2010

Here is a photo of Amanda selling tie dyes from our booth at the Sandy Mountain Festival in July 2010. We had a great time and sold a lot of tie dyes. We will be back in 2011!

Made By Hippies Newsletter

Welcome to Made By Hippies Newsletter

Welcome to the first Made By Hippies Newsletter here on our new google
groups mailing list.

We have been updating with many new
photos and tie dyes and adding lots of new one of a kind tie dyes to
our etsy shop which can be found at
be sure to enter the special coupon code “madeforhippies” to get 10%
off your next purchase at our etsy shop.

More to come in the coming weeks.  May Peace be with You!

Hippyland, Oregon