2004 Journey Erik's Travels U.S.A.

Back to GF, ND

Last week I made the relaxing drive across 1,600 miles to visit Grand Forks, North Dakota. The drive went well. My dad let me borrow his Honda Accord so I had a/c and cruise control, which made the trip a breeze. My excuse for going back was a “fix the house” weekend for my fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. But I really just wanted to see all my old friends that I had not seen since last August or before.

I was in town for six nights of partying and helped work on the fraternity house for three days. I painted, getting the little storage shed we have knocked out and getting the main room in the basement painted, except for the ceiling.

Grand Forks looked great. The town is having a beautiful summer with lots of sun, a nice breeze and a steady temperature in the 80’s F. It was definitely nice to visit but I am kind of glad I left when I did. Most of my good friends have all moved on so there are only a few left that are still holding down the fort. But the trip was definitely worth it and I look forward to returning again in September for another visit.