2004 Journey Australia Erik's Travels

Going out west.

I bought a train pass today and am going to be heading out for some solo traveling on the train. Below is my itinerary for the next month or so.

Jan 17th Depart Melbourne 10:10PM

Jan 18th Arrive Adelaide 8:00AM

Jan 18th Depart Adelaide 9:40PM

Jan 20th Arrive Perth 9:10AM

Jan 28th Depart Perth 11:55AM

Jan 30th Arrive Adelaide 7:20AM

Jan 30th Depart Adelaide 5:15PM

Jan 31st Arrive Alice Springs 11:35AM

Feb 9th Depart Alice Springs 4:10PM

Feb 10th Arrive Darwin 4:00PM

Feb 18th Depart Darwin 10AM

Feb 20th Arrive Adelaide 8:00AM

Feb 22nd Depart Adelaide 10:10AM

Feb 22nd Arrive Melbourne 9:00PM