2004 Journey Argentina Erik's Travels

In B.A.

Well, when we were planning on going on the overnight bus we showed up at the station in Viedma only to find there were no buses going that night. So we chilled another night in Viedma and bought a ticket for the overnight bus on Sunday. In Viedma little kids seem to be very intrigued by me. At one restaurant we went to there was a kid who was staring at me the whole meal then when he went to leave he came up to me and asked me where I was from and I told him and then he looked like he was thinking “Ok, that makes sense,” and then said “bye”. The other day at the bus station a little kid was starting at me so hard he walked right into a chair!

The bus journey went well though. We left at 7pm and got in at 7am this morning. Stopping at a restaurant to eat a meal that was included in the bus fair. My only problem on the bus was they had the heater cranked on high and I was literally sweating all night. But better then being too cold.

We checked into the Hotel Marbella this morning and slept for a bit and then today walked around for a while and checked things out.