2004 Journey Australia Erik's Travels

Perth, Western Australia :: The world’s most isolated city.

I have been in Perth since Jan. 22nd and having a great time here in Western Australia. When I took the train over I was planning on only staying one week and then moving on. But obviously my plans have changed. While in Perth I have been staying at the Swan Barracks Hotel in Northbridge. It is A$16 a night.

On Wednesday Jan 28th, I rented a Red Nissan Skylane with two Swedish guys I met at the hostel. It was an old beat up station wagon with a big Roo Bumper on the front. We took it south over four days and visited Margaret River, Pemberton, the Valley of the Giants and Albany. It had a tape deck and a radio. However the small bent and rusted piece of coat hanger that was currently serving for the radio antenna was not quite able to receive radio stations on a regular basis. I think three total times on the journey south we had radio reception, that being in Perth, briefly in Margaret River and pretty good reception in Albany. After the first day of this we were going crazy from the silence so while filling up with petrol I browsed the petrol stations tape selection (which was small) and miraculously found a lone Johnny Cash tape which I immediately bought and we probably listened to that tape at least twenty times over the next couple of days.

So now as of Feb 9th my plans are to leave tomorrow with the same two Swedes (Anders + Martin) plus Martin’s girlfriend Misong. We are going to head north and camp for around two weeks. There is a large group of people going who all meet up at the hostel in Perth over the last few weeks. All together there is going to be I think 5 cars and around 20 people traveling North together for the first bit anyways. The plan is to go as far as either Exmouth or Broome. From there I am going to head over to Darwin and then to Alice Springs and back to Melbourne to collect Dr. Read.