Erik's Life

2005 Journeys

Last spring I spent working with my dad and brother on the family tree nursery. Then on April 21st I set out in my new camping van towards the Midwest. I arrived in good ole GF, ND on April 22nd. I visited good friends and attended Pi Kappa Phi’s Roseball Formal on April 23rd. After spending a few days with my friends Dr. Read, B.J., Mr. Schell and Matt in GF I decided it was time to cruise down to Edina, Minnesota to visit my dear friend Jack Kennedy for a few days. I departed back to the west through South Dakota and visited Mt. Rushmore and the Jewel Cave. In Wyoming I visited the Devil’s Tower and then tried to drive to Yellowstone but when I arrived in Cody I found out the roads were still snowed in. So I diverted up through Montana and then through Idaho and into SE Washington on home to Troutdale, Oregon. A few days after I returned home I moved out on my own first to a house of my grandparents and then to my moms for a few weeks and then finally to my own home that my father sold me in South East Portland. It is very nice! I spent the summer remodeling the kitchen and bathroom with the help of my brother and father.

Over the summer I also sold hemp jewelry at the Gresham Farmers Market and also a few other places. I visited the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington lots and had lots of fun over the summer camping in my van. I also went to a few motorcycle hill climb events to watch my brother race.

Then we all worked really hard in the fall and the wreath shop went very well.