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The Las Vegas Experience

I visited Las Vegas last week. I had mixed ideas going in what to expect. I have heard some family members and friends tell of how much fun they had there and how nice it was and others who thought it was dreadful. I must say I expected it to be pretty dreadful, but not only was it that, it was boring as well. And not just boring, a kind of special stale fake boring that was really just trying to dig its claws into peoples wallets and push them out the door while reminding them what a great experience they had.

Amanda and Erik

Amanda and Erik in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So after one night Amanda and I headed south across Hoover Dam and to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I had just been there in February with my brother but this time it was a little different. We stayed in the lodge there for two wonderful nights. It was a very nice time to visit because there was fresh snow along the upper walls of the canyons. It was just as cool as it was a month ago. Definitely one of the best places I have ever visited!

I have been making lots of tie dye recently, getting ready to sell-sell-sell this summer and hopefully become a thousandaire.


Erik's Life

So here I am…

It’s March. I have just been hanging out mostly. Making some tie dye and hemp jewelry. Helping my dad fix up an apartment a little bit. Just being a lazy hippy pretty much. But it is nice. I guess this is what I worked so hard for last fall, right? Yes.

I went to the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago. I went with my brother in his short bus. It was a great trip. Loads of driving, eating hamburgers and partying in the desert. We went to Nevada for a motorcycle hillclimb that my brother competed in and we figured we were going to be so close to the G.C. in Arizona that we should check it out. It is the coolest thing I have ever seen I think. Awesome views all over the place. I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles……..

I am headed to Las Vegas later this month with beautiful Amanda to attend her friend’s wedding. We are already planning a Grand Canyon trip so we can spend as much time away from Las Vegas as possible during our Las Vegas Vacation.

Peace, Love & Happiness…