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The Summer of Love is almost here…

Next week my wonderful girlfriend Amanda will arrive in Oregon to visit me for the summer. The week of July 10th we are going to take off on a road trip in my van. We are planning to heading to Glacier National Park in Montana, then cruise along Highway 2 until we arrive in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Pete will be there along with lots of my other friends for the “Pi Kappa Phi Fix the House Weekend.”

After a weekend of partying and a bit of painting or something we are going to head to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota for the 10,000 Lakes Music Festival where Amanda and I are going to have a Tie Dye booth in the campground. After four days of selling and trying to become thousandaires we are planning on heading to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming of course seeing Mt Rushmore and the Devils Tower along the way. While visiting Yellowstone my brother Lars and his girlfriend Kristen are going to join us midweek for some camping then we are all going to head to Billings, Montana for the motorcycle hill climb that Lars is going to compete in. After that we are going to convoy back home with Lars, ending three weeks on the road.

But those are just the plans. And plans can always change……

2006 Journey Erik's Travels

In Oregon at last…

Well Amanda came to Europe and joined my travels. We stayed in Amsterdam a few days then headed to Brussels, Belgium for a night then spent the week in Paris, France. After that we went to Koln, Germany then to Krefield, Germany where my ancestors on my mom’s side of the family came from back in 1680. Then back to Amsterdam for a day of relaxing before we had to part ways and each head home.

Yeah, this is not too descriptive, I know. But I kind of got sick of Europe towards the end of my trip. I guess I was thinking “Is this it?” Sure it was great being there and I had fun, but it makes me realize that Northern Europe is not a magical land of fun. It’s just like anywhere. Fun can be had wherever I am because I am me. But really it’s just like America. A bunch of big smelly dirty cities with a bunch of scumbags and immigrants all over.

I’ll take a cabin in the Oregon woods anyday.

Viva la Revolution!