Erik's Life

Not too long to go…

And I will be a married man. Married to my best friend and tie dye teacher, Amanda. Our wedding is July 7th, 2007 in New York, I can’t wait!


The Catnip Garden

Let’s see, last time I wrote I was in Buffalo visiting Amanda. We had a great vacation together in the sun. Two days after I got home Amanda came to visit me in Portland! We had lots of fun selling our crafts at the Gresham Farmers Market and on a mini road trip to Yachats on the Oregon Coast. So between our two visits to each other we had a great time together for about three weeks. Amanda left at the end of May and I have been working around my house some, making tie dyes, planting a vegetable & catnip garden in my backyard and having fun living life. I leave for Buffalo again in a week and a half to get ready for the wedding. Some of my friends have asked me if I am scared of getting married, but I and I have hot feet mon, not cold. I’m ready.

One Love.