Erik's Life

I and I are wed.

Erik and Amanda

On July Seventh of the year two thousand and seven I married my best friend and partner for life Amanda in North Collins, New York. We met in September of 2005 after being introduced by my sister Sarah and spent two years flying back and forth between Oregon and New York to visit each other and meeting each other on vacations in Nevada, Europe and Mexico. Our first airplane ride together was on our way home to Oregon after the wedding! We were home in Portland for the weekend then went to Alaska for our honeymoon. We drove our little rental car 1,600 miles and toured through all kinds of huge mountain ranges and saw bears, caribou and mouse. We enjoyed visiting Denali and learning about it, even though we never saw the peak of North America’s most high mountain. We have almost been married a month and it has gone by fast so far. We are headed to the North West World Reggae Festival next week to try to sell some tie dyes, so we will see how that goes. Peace & Love.