Erik's Life

Ranger Resurrection

So September is spinning by already. August was a blast that didn’t last. We went to the NorthWest World Reggae Festival in Marcola, Oregon like a month ago. It was a good time, lot’s of great music but not too many attendees (like 1,000 people or so). So what can you do? But when we went to the Dave Matthews Band three day concert at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington we saw lot’s of great music too. There were lots of people there (like 20,000 people!) but most of them were drunkards that made lots of noise all night long. I and I enjoy the live music though, there is something about it, something like when the music hits you, you feel no Pain!

Amanda is living in Portland now. She misses her home where the Buffalo roam, but what can you do? I and I must keep moving forward. Being married is great because my best friend is always right here with me instead of far, far away. I love Love.

So a couple of years ago when I bought my van I parked my green Ford Ranger in the back of the farm and left it to sit. I pulled it out of the blackberries a couple weeks ago and put in a new battery and it fired right up! I had my neighbor Airhead detail it for me and clean out all the mice nests. I used to be so sentimental about the Ranger but after driving the van around it just seems not too great getting behind the wheel of the Ranger, what with the seat all leaning back and all. So I had and opportunity and decided to take it, to upgrade Rangers by buying my brothers Ranger he wanted to sell. So now I’m cruising in a newer version of my old Ranger, but with accessories that actually work and some air conditioning and four wheel drive.

Solid as a ROCK!

I and I still praise JAH!