2007 Travels Erik's Travels

Life Moves Fast, if you don´t stop to look around you might miss it.

So the Christmas Wreaths are all wrapped up now. Another successful season! Damn we worked hard!!!

Right now it is January and Amanda and I are travelling around in Mexico for three weeks.

We ushered in the New Year of 2007 on the beach in Tulum. We had the beach pretty much to ourselves and we were just hanging out partying it up enjoying ourselves. There was a bar nearby that had a live latino reggae band playing through the night, providing the perfect backdrop for our own personal party.

We visited the ruinas of Palenque a few days ago. Which are the most interesting and coolest ruins I have seen anywhere in the world. Amazingly huge pyramids and buildings all surrounded by miles more of ruins covered in think jungle. Amanda had been studying the ruins while working on her Masters Degree in Anthropology so she gave me the fully guided tour and translated the hieroglyphs for me.

Right now we are in the middle of travelling from Chiapas back to the Yucatan. We have been having lots of fun, though it is really hot and steamy and there are lots of mosquitoes. Some winter weather!

Yeah, so far I feel like Mexico is a great place to visit, but lots of things are sure screwed up here.