Erik's Life

Almost through the Winter Timeā€¦

I have been trucking along post wreath shop. Amanda went home to Buffalo for a while but she is back now and we are having lots of fun living together. We got our first big wholesale tie dye order from our website, for 170 beach towels for a groups annual convention. So we are right in the middle of dying all the towels this week. We have been rearranging our house to set up our best tie dye studio yet and it is lots of fun now that we have the finished products being produced. I have about 150 t-shirts tie dyed out of a master plan for making 1,000 shirts so we will be working on that through the spring.

We have a spring road trip in the beginnings of the planning stages. We are going to head out in the van through a bit of California and Nevada to the North side of the Grand Canyon and then up through Utah to view some sites and then to Colorado to visit my dear friend Pete and then back home through Wyoming and Idaho back to Portland. We are thinking of going for like two or three weeks in the middle of April.

So those are the plans for now.

Upfull heights.

I & I am loving life!