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Google Search Roll Call

I have been working lots on it is all coming along great. I am real happy with the overal look and accessability of my newest redesign. I want visitors to be able to find all the differant things we have in a easy way but at the same time show off our other goods…So in a basic google search that I am doing right now on December 18th 2008 by search engine term…..hippies

I rank 4th page, about #29

tie dye

I rank 3rd page, about #20

tie dye t-shirts

I rank about #46 (it’s cause I don’t have t-shirts in my main title…)

how to tie dye

#7!!!!!!!! First Page!

This is the keyword I have been focusing on. The new website I have been working on,, has a search ranking of like #170 for “how to tie dye”

tie dye t-shirts for sale

about #48 (I just started working on promoting this keyword)

Overall I have been working on editing each product page to give it all personalized titles and such. So hopefully each page on my site can be geared towards a slightly different keyword to real in all the different search terms potential customers may be using. So when I started by search engine push in August I was getting about 5 – 10 website visitors a day. Lately I have been getting 40+ a day and growing stronger. Some of that is thanks to wikipedia and the links I have on the tie dye page and the macrame page. But the search engine rankings pulling through are part of it too. So when I started that push I emphasized “how to tie dye” now I am switching to cover a broader range of terms, more focused on tie dye t-shirts for sale. So we will see how it will affect my rankings. My idea on focusing on how to tie dye before was because that is one of the most used tie dye related search term after just “tie dye” which is pretty broad. All is well. G’nite!