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How To Tie Dye Dot Net website updated!

Yeah Mon! I&I have been working for a while on the website and I feel like I finally have it ready to go, only about a year after I made it so not too bad!

So there are two lessons online, one how to make a rasta spiral and the other on how to tie dye a camo peace sign shirt. But the great thing about tie dye is one pattern can be dyed many different ways for great unique results.

Yeah the site has been ranking on the first page of Google searches too!!

Let me know what you think about the site! PEace!

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Made By Hippies 100th Tie Dye Sale on Etsy!

Yeah Mon! I&I just got our 100th sale on etsy today. I joined etsy on Jan 20th, 2009. So that’s just about 5 months so I am pretty happy. I have been making and selling tie dyes since 2006. Thanks to my wife Amanda for teaching me after we first met! I have really been working hard on my website since last fall and it has shown from the hits. On my website went from about 250 hits a month last summer to around 4,000 a month this year. It’s all with my just writing my website using html code in my good old notepad program.

But yeah I am happy I joined etsy and I am happy to have made it to 100 sales. I would say until I got to about sale #20 or so things were kind of sporadic but ever since oh about the end of April I have had almost an order a day, I love it!!! Sales on my regular website have been picking up as well.