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Time for our “Real Job”……

Yeah so October is here and it’s time for I&I to put the tie dye dreams on the back burner and concentrate on working hard at the Christmas Wreath Shop for another season!We have had such a great tie dye year it’s hard to stop but we still gotsta pay the bills! The wreath shop has been my families business for 25 years now and it’s where I have learned lots of my business practices from, namely provide a great handmade product at a fair price along with great customer service!We are still shipping out orders the next day and continuing so sell our tie dyes both on our website and on our etsy site so check those out and getchorself a new tie dye t-shirt!!!And if ya need a Christmas Wreath head over to http://www.granstromevergreens.comPeace, Love and Happiness!Erik