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Made By Hippies 100th Tie Dye Sale on Etsy!

Yeah Mon! I&I just got our 100th sale on etsy today. I joined etsy on Jan 20th, 2009. So that’s just about 5 months so I am pretty happy. I have been making and selling tie dyes since 2006. Thanks to my wife Amanda for teaching me after we first met! I have really been working hard on my website since last fall and it has shown from the hits. On my website went from about 250 hits a month last summer to around 4,000 a month this year. It’s all with my just writing my website using html code in my good old notepad program.

But yeah I am happy I joined etsy and I am happy to have made it to 100 sales. I would say until I got to about sale #20 or so things were kind of sporadic but ever since oh about the end of April I have had almost an order a day, I love it!!! Sales on my regular website have been picking up as well.