Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Made By Hippies Dot Com is the #1 site on Yahoo for a “Tie Dye For Sale” Search!!!

Man, the traffic for Made By Hippies Dot Com has been increasing steadily ever since August 2008 but this latest push has been very impressive. The last couple of weeks traffic has surged to well over 100 visitors a day. About half the traffic is from website links and the other half is from search engines. I have been receiving more and more orders too, so that is great!

Today I noticed some extra traffic being generated from the Yahoo search engine. It caught my eye because so far I have been getting most of my search engine traffic from google. So I checked it out and the results are awesome!!!

This is definitely my biggest search engine accomplishment to date. For the search term “Tie Dye For Sale” on yahoo my site ranks #1!!!