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My first number one Google search ranking!! For Camo Peace Sign!

I was checking some of the keywords used to find today and someone used Camo Peace Sign as a search term. So I checked it out on Google search and to my suprise and pleasure I found my website as the number one ranked site on google for the keyword “Camo Peace Sign” and then my other website as the number eight ranked website for the same search words. Man, my own hard work typing and typing html code and more pure html code is really paying off. It makes me happy!!!

Here is a screen shot I took. I have been working on the website a little too, cleaning up some of the copy and adding a bit to the menus, then I will propagate the changes through all the pages over the next few days.

A big photo shoot is in the works for the next week or so…. So stay tuned for lots more cool pictures to come!