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Tie Dye Disc Golfs

Hiya Hippies,Just thought I’d drop a line to let ya know about these groovy tie dye disc golf discs being made by DISCRAFT. Santa gave me a PhaZe 3 Supercolor Spectra 1 Maximum Distance Driver for Christmas and it looks pretty rad. Check one of these cool tie dye disc golf discs at PEACE!

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

How do I wash a tie dye t-shirt?

How do I wash a tie dye t-shirt? This is a question we get a lot and a question that I have heard a lot of different answers for. Made By Hippies tie dyes are all colorfast. That means the Procion dye we use has permanently bonded with the cotton strands and become a new color. Any excess dye is washed out using super hot water. Later the tie dye can be washed just the same as any other laundry using regular laundry soap. No special care is required.The reason some tie dyers say to wash separately using only cold water is usually because they used Rit dye for their tie dyes. That dye does not bond with the cotton fabric, more just painting over the top and some gets washed away every time it goes through the wash. Using cold water keeps the dye from rinsing out but eventually most of the dye will wash out and the tie dye shirt will be faded and sad.That’s why our tie dyes are good, because they stay nice and bright wash after wash. Don’t worry man, cause these tie dyes are made by hippies!