Made By Hippies Newsletter

Spring Break Update

Hello Hippies,

Happy Spring Break, even though it’s still wet and swampy here in
Hippyland in Oregon we are trying to kick out the jams and get the
winter blues behind us.  We have been posting lots of our handmade tie
dyes to our etsy site so please check that out as we have 556 one of a
kind tie dyes for sale:

If you enter the coupon code “madeforhippies” you can save yourself
10% on any Made By Hippies Etsy Shop purchase.

As always we have all our favorite tie dyes on our main website so check that out too!

We also have a few hippy videos on our youtube page including some recent video
footage of our three baby goats born March 1st in Hippyland.

Oh yeah, here is a quick bonus for the loyal Hippy Tie Dye Newsletter
readers…. The first person to email me and tell me the year Jimi
Hendrix was born will get a free Peace Sign Tie Dye Bandanda!  Just
email to enter, but I warn you, it’s gonna go



Made By Hippies Weblog Post

500 One of a Kind Handmade Items for Sale at Made By Hippies Etsy Shop

We have 500 one of a kind handmade by hippies items for sale at our etsy shop right now: goal is to have 1,000 unique one of a kind items for sale so keep checking back as we get higher and higher to our goal!PEACE and LOVE!Erik

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Alien Tie Dye T-Shirts For Sale

Hola, I just wanna let ya know about our Alien Tie Dye T-Shirts we have for sale at our Made By Hippies Etsy Shop. Check them out they are all one of a kind and gonna sell out fast.Oh yeah, you can enter the coupon code “madeforhippies” at checkout to get 10% off your order from our etsy shop. As always free USA shipping. PEACE!Check out a few of the Alien Tie Dye Photos below:

Green Alien

Brown Alien

Green Alien Tie Dye

Grey Alien Tie Dye

Green Alien Tie Dye

Black Alien Tie Dye