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Hey Now, Happy New Year!

Hey Now Hippies,

Gonna be the new year soon, which is good, bye bye 2013! But I still gotta a couple things I wanna spread the word on.First off if you ever wanted the best deal ever on a tie dye then, you have exactly one day left to get your self one.

Just visit Only $13 for a Rainbow, Camouflage or Rastaman Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt in adult size small to 4xl, just $13 mailed to you in the USA or $18 sent internationally.Seriously that is the best deal ever for a Made By Hippies Tie Dye so this is your last chance.  In 2014 the prices on those ones are rolling back up to $20 each.We will have other sweet deals in 2014, so don’t worry!  And of course you can always find a good deal at our etsy site, I also wanted to throw out the link to my hippy buddy’s etsy shop.Now first to introduce him a little bit our hippy friend Cory Little is a woodworker and musical instrument maker who lives out in the mountains of the Oregon Coast living a tranquil hippy lifestyling and making great sounding instruments.Please check out his work at and and pick up a handmade musical instrument for that special musician in your family.So yeah, Hip Hop Hippies, Keep rocking out to the Burn One Project and party hearty on New Years Eve.And Remember, The Emperor Wears No Clothes!