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New Video: How To Tie Dye a Rastaman Spiral Tie Dye T-Shirt

Learn How To Tie Dye

Hiya Hippies,

I just wanted to drop a line and say we have a new video up on our How To Tie Dye Dot Net site featuring full instructions on How To Tie Dye a Rastaman Spiral on Black Tie Dye T-Shirt.  It is about 11 minutes long and has full instructions provided by Erik on how to tie up the shirt in to a spiral, how to prepare the shirt and dyes to get ready to tie dye and of course how to apply the dyes.  It also includes full washing out instructions for the tie dye project and shows the finished shirt.  The full instructions!

This is very fresh, we just filmed it the last couple of days here in Hippyland, Oregon.

Here is the link:

Please check it out and share it!Enjoy and make up some tie dyes!