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Crazy Snow all day in Portland!

Yeah! I finished updating! Check it out! All the pages should be updated to include a full menu on the left and a header and footer section to each page. So where ever a visitor is on the website they should be able to find their way to any other page on the website in two clicks. I have basically made my own unique html shopping cart website. Where each item has it’s own page that describes it and has a payment/buy it now button. Then there are different levels of menus that show the smaller image and a link to each item and I can advertise each item and link to them from anywhere. And I can update pictures easy and just to one file location and it will update that photo everywhere throughout the system.


So now my next project is some photo shoots of all the tie dye t-shirts. I want to have each shirt being worn by a hippy model to show it off. I just think this looks way nicer in the end then having the ole t-shirt on the floor picture. Which works, but I&I am professional – given enough time 

Then too I am going to keep making all the t-shirt patterns so I have some of each pattern in each size in stock all the time. Then the plan is to tackle all the odd ball items, dresses, towels, socks, bandannas, long sleeve t-shirts, hooded long sleeve t-shirts, hooded long sleeve sweatshirts, shoulder bags, underwear, tank tops and maybe a few more things. Our plan is to pick like two to four good design/color combinations for each item and make some of each design in all the available sizes of that item. Then we will always have those items in stock and be able to ship them out fast! We have the t-shirt plans all dialed in and are working on making them all. We love to tie Dye! Yes We do!So go look at Thanks!

Man, snow all day long in Portland. I have been inside typing away html code all day. I am going to take a break from all this computerising and go tie dye. PEace! -Erik

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Google Search Roll Call

I have been working lots on it is all coming along great. I am real happy with the overal look and accessability of my newest redesign. I want visitors to be able to find all the differant things we have in a easy way but at the same time show off our other goods…So in a basic google search that I am doing right now on December 18th 2008 by search engine term…..hippies

I rank 4th page, about #29

tie dye

I rank 3rd page, about #20

tie dye t-shirts

I rank about #46 (it’s cause I don’t have t-shirts in my main title…)

how to tie dye

#7!!!!!!!! First Page!

This is the keyword I have been focusing on. The new website I have been working on,, has a search ranking of like #170 for “how to tie dye”

tie dye t-shirts for sale

about #48 (I just started working on promoting this keyword)

Overall I have been working on editing each product page to give it all personalized titles and such. So hopefully each page on my site can be geared towards a slightly different keyword to real in all the different search terms potential customers may be using. So when I started by search engine push in August I was getting about 5 – 10 website visitors a day. Lately I have been getting 40+ a day and growing stronger. Some of that is thanks to wikipedia and the links I have on the tie dye page and the macrame page. But the search engine rankings pulling through are part of it too. So when I started that push I emphasized “how to tie dye” now I am switching to cover a broader range of terms, more focused on tie dye t-shirts for sale. So we will see how it will affect my rankings. My idea on focusing on how to tie dye before was because that is one of the most used tie dye related search term after just “tie dye” which is pretty broad. All is well. G’nite!

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

MadeByHippies.Com Updated Some…

I’ve been working like mad on my websites and over the weekend. I am really happy the results of the redesign on My goal is to have basically every page very accessible to the rest of the site and have all the best information on each page. Really to try to make it as easy as possible for customers to find the tie dyes they want. ideas keep flowing around, I like working on websites, it is rewarding when the project all comes together.oh yeah, too, I am building all my websites only using html code and notepad to write the pages. No wysiwyg program to mess up my code. It all be ital html just the needed code, all nicely laid out so I can edit and organize everything myself. Jah man is a computer mon. PEace!

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Tie Dye Christmas Shopping

Yeah Upfull Folks, Now is the time to be looking for tie dye for your Christmas Gifts.  Just pick out some shirts for all your friends and we will make you a good deal on our tie dyes.  We have lots of things in stock, tons of tie dye adult t-shirts, happy socks, tie dye sarongs, towels and baby tie dyes.  We have baby tie dye onesies and baby tie dye t-shirts.  Soon we will also have tie dye golf towels with a little clip to hook onto your bag.  Disc Golf towels mon!Happy Tie Dye Thanksgiving and a Merry Tie Dye Christmas!

Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Tie Dye For the Masses!

Welcome to the Made By Hippies Tie Dye Blog!

Amanda taught me how to tie dye after we first met. Then I started dying all the time, it makes me feel good in my mind. We got married in 2007, now we live together everyday. Making some tie dyes the hippy way.

Tie Dyes is what we be making everyday. Tie Dyes is what we be selling in everyway. Check out I&I’s website to view our tie dyes!

And here I&I stand at the beginning of time, With our feet hanging off the edge and feeling fine with peace of mind for all time…

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Time Flys When I&I am Having Fun!

Well I have not written anything since February and that is a while considering it’s now June already. Amanda and I have done a ton of things since then…

Tie Dye Bear Towels

In February we were working on all the tie dye beach towels for the Bears and that ended up turning into a huge process of rearranging our whole house around and setting up our art studio in what was before our living room and the end result is we have a bigger nicer bedroom that we freshly painted and an awesome tie dye workshop. It’s the most professionally we have been set up ever for tie dying. We finished working on all the towels in March and ended up making 225 all together.

After we finished the towel project we moved right into our plan to tie dye 1,000 t-shirts and we have this big master plan to have some of each cool pattern in a variety of sizes and colors. So we were working on that and tackled the smiley face shirts and the peace sign shirts first. They all turned out great and we have come a long way in our tie dye design evolution. That is the best part of making things for me, is to know that I am becoming better at tie dyeing all the time.

So March and April rolled along and we were working at our house tie dying and trying to relax some. I ground out the big tree stump in my backyard that was left over from the evil Black Locust tree I had cut down last year. Lars helped me grind it out with a stump grinder we rented.

Hawthorne Artisans Market

Well then it was May, man this year did go by fast, and we started selling at the Gresham Farmers Market on Mother’s Day weekend. We even started our own market too, called the Hawthorne Artisans Market. We set up on Sundays where my family used to have the christmas tree lot and my fireworks stand back in the day. It has been a little slow to get going at first, mainly just pulling in some passerbyers to check things out. But I have to admit that it makes me happy because I have still been doing ok selling tie dyes and some of the other vendors that are newer to the vending scene have not sold anything. But we have been letting people set up there for free so they can have their own personal chance at the American Dream. Or the american hippy dream I guess, haha!

Gresham Farmers Market
2008 287

But we have been doing great at the Gresham Farmers Market and it continues to be our best retail venue yet considering vendor fees, ease of set up and location. We love going to the music festivals but those moms and teenage daughters in Gresham are great customers!!!

So yeah, selling at the markets and making tie dyes! Amanda and I took a trip up to Seattle in May to visit my sister Sarah and then we went to the Washington & Oregon coasts for a couple nights for our long delayed Christmas Vacation to the beach. We had lots of fun then Amanda went back to Buffalo, NY for the first part of the Summer. She was selling her Shibori Scarves at the 100 Craftsman show in NY and had lots of fun and set up a whole new layout for her booth that we thought up before she went home, where she had scarves hanging on display necks along the walls of the booth. Now she is with her family on vacation in Key Largo, Florida. I am headed to NY at the end of June for a vacation with Amanda then we are both coming home in July and back to more market selling.

We have some cool summer plans. On July 26th weekend we are headed to Bend, Oregon to be vendors at the Four Peaks Music Festival. Then the next weekend after that we are driving to Salt Lake City, Utah for Amanda’s friend’s wedding. Then the week after that is the NW World Reggae Festival near Eugene, Oregon on August 8 – 10th, 2008. We were vendors there last year and had a great time listening to all the cool reggae music. Then the week after that we are going with a group of 11 people to the Tom Petty concert at the Gorge in Washington. Then the week after that is both Amanda and I’s birthdays then we get into September and we will be starting up the christmas wreath shop and be working like crazy until December.

Man, that’s like the whole year right there. Sounds good to me.

Oh, I forgot the best part. I made a new friend at the Hawthorne Artisans Market who is a professional glassblower and he is going to give me a few lessons and help me set up my own glass blowing studio at my house. So stay tuned for the next level of goodness from Made By Hippies.

Double Oh, check out the website, I have been working on it lots lately.



Erik's Life

Almost through the Winter Time…

I have been trucking along post wreath shop. Amanda went home to Buffalo for a while but she is back now and we are having lots of fun living together. We got our first big wholesale tie dye order from our website, for 170 beach towels for a groups annual convention. So we are right in the middle of dying all the towels this week. We have been rearranging our house to set up our best tie dye studio yet and it is lots of fun now that we have the finished products being produced. I have about 150 t-shirts tie dyed out of a master plan for making 1,000 shirts so we will be working on that through the spring.

We have a spring road trip in the beginnings of the planning stages. We are going to head out in the van through a bit of California and Nevada to the North side of the Grand Canyon and then up through Utah to view some sites and then to Colorado to visit my dear friend Pete and then back home through Wyoming and Idaho back to Portland. We are thinking of going for like two or three weeks in the middle of April.

So those are the plans for now.

Upfull heights.

I & I am loving life!

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Another Day, Another Wreath

Man, we have been working so hard and it has all paid off now. We have just a handful of wreath orders left to go out the door and the whole season went really good. One of the best wreath shop seasons ever! Amanda has been the best secretary ever and together we were super organized all season long. Whew… Now on to some massive tie dying. My goal is to make 1,000 shirts in December and January. We shall see what happens… I have been working on my tie dye website too and have that all tuned up and looking suave, check it out at

Erik's Life

Working All The Time Makes Me Feel Fine!

Yeah I am here in Oregon working away organizing the Christmas wreath shop for another season. I have been working hard, waking up early ever day and being happy working hard. It feels good to be productive and get work accomplished. This is the best wreath shop season so far. Everything is going grand and Amanda is working with me in the office helping me be organized. We are having lots of fun working together as husband and wife and as partners forever.


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Ranger Resurrection

So September is spinning by already. August was a blast that didn’t last. We went to the NorthWest World Reggae Festival in Marcola, Oregon like a month ago. It was a good time, lot’s of great music but not too many attendees (like 1,000 people or so). So what can you do? But when we went to the Dave Matthews Band three day concert at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington we saw lot’s of great music too. There were lots of people there (like 20,000 people!) but most of them were drunkards that made lots of noise all night long. I and I enjoy the live music though, there is something about it, something like when the music hits you, you feel no Pain!

Amanda is living in Portland now. She misses her home where the Buffalo roam, but what can you do? I and I must keep moving forward. Being married is great because my best friend is always right here with me instead of far, far away. I love Love.

So a couple of years ago when I bought my van I parked my green Ford Ranger in the back of the farm and left it to sit. I pulled it out of the blackberries a couple weeks ago and put in a new battery and it fired right up! I had my neighbor Airhead detail it for me and clean out all the mice nests. I used to be so sentimental about the Ranger but after driving the van around it just seems not too great getting behind the wheel of the Ranger, what with the seat all leaning back and all. So I had and opportunity and decided to take it, to upgrade Rangers by buying my brothers Ranger he wanted to sell. So now I’m cruising in a newer version of my old Ranger, but with accessories that actually work and some air conditioning and four wheel drive.

Solid as a ROCK!

I and I still praise JAH!