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Happy Labor Day Hippies!

Hiya Hippies!Happy Labor Day Weekend!It’s time to party it up all weekend long and when ya get a chance check out and pick out a one of a kynd tie dye, use coupon code HOLIDAZE, and save 25% off your order!Peace, Love and Tie Dye!Erik

Made By Hippies Newsletter

Last day of the Hippyland Barnraising

Hey Ya Hippies!

Friday is the last day of the Hippyland Barnraising! Help us out and save 33% off tie dyes, use coupon code “barnraising” @ Peace!


Made By Hippies Newsletter

Hippyland Barn Raising

Hiya Hippies,Happy SummerTime!Yeah so we are building a barn here in Hippyland to give us some more room and for our goats to have a nice place to store their winter hay.So we thought we would throw up a sale onto our etsy shop to let our hippy friends help out with our barnraising efforts by buying a new tie dye at a 33% discount.So go visit our etsy shop at and enter coupon code barnraising when you checkout and you will score 33% off your tie dye order.You can also checkout all our cool tie dyes at our regular website, http://www.madebyhippies.comPeace!!!

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Organic Search Statistics for June 2012

Yeah so check out these cool Organic Search Engine Statistics from

Made By Hippies ROCKS THE TIE DYES!!! Is basically what they are saying.

All you know, without any paid advertising or SEO outsourcing or any of that crap! is all handtyped by Erik using notepad and uploaded via ftp!

Rock On Hippies!!!


Made By Hippies Weblog Post

Annual 4/20 Tie Dye Sale

*** Made By Hippies Annual 4/20 Tie Dye Sale ~ 42% off anything with coupon code FOURTWENTY ~ Sale Ends Sat at 4:21pm ~ ***

Made By Hippies Newsletter

Happy 4/20!!! (Annual 420 Tie Dye Sale!)

Hello Hippies,

It’s that time of the year again, April 20th!  And you all know what
that means!

Time for our annual Four Twenty Tie Dye Sale!

Good for 42% off any tie dye in our Etsy Shop:
when you use coupon code FOURTWENTY

The cool thing is I have already been discounting lots of tie dyes and
putting them On Sale in our etsy shop so for this one day you can get
a tie dye that’s on sale and then get a 42% discount even on top of
that!  Seriously you could get a tie dye t-shirt mailed to you for
like $5 – $15 this one day only, this special day of April 20th, 2012
if you shop at our etsy shop and use
coupon code “FOURTWENTY” when you checkout on Etsy.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Please not, he 420 sale only applies only to our etsy site, not our
regular tie dye website, where tie dye t-shirts
can be ordered for $20 anytime with free worldwide shipping!



Made By Hippies Newsletter

Happy Wild Crazy 2012

Hello Tie Dye Fans,

First off Happy 2012!!!

It’s been a good year so far, we have been busy tending our goats and
cats and wading through the snow and mud in Hippyland.  We have also
been working on getting our Made By Hippies Tie Dye Store all in stock
with loads of great tie dyes.  We the website updated with all the
newest photos and tie dyes so please stop by to check it out

We have also been posting lots of tie dyes to our etsy shop which can
be found at or go to etsy and search
for our shop “MadeByHippies.”  Once there you can search our shop for
all our “On Sale” items to find the best deals for use the
“MadeForHippies” coupon code during checkout to get 10% off your

If you have any photos of your tie dyes out in the world you would
like to share with us and add to the Happy Tie Dye Customers page please email them
to us at

One Love!

Erik & Amanda
Hippyland, Oregon

Made By Hippies Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hiya Hippies,

Happy Turkey Day, don’t forget about our 25% coupon on our etsy site
when your doing your tie dye Christmas shopping!
Just use the coupon code HOLIDAZE when you checkout!


Erik & Amanda

Made By Hippies Newsletter

Happy Tie Dye Holidaze

HiYa Hippies,

I’ll keep it short and sweet….

Head over to our etsy shop and use
coupon code “Holidaze” to score 25% off any item in our shop,
including all of our tie dye t-shirts, hemp jewelry, hemp oil soaps
and more!



Made By Hippies Newsletter

Happy Hippy Labor Day!

Hello Hippies,

Here is the latest from Hippyland: It’s Labor Day Weekend and we have
a sale going on in our etsy shop, use coupon code “holidaze” and get
25% off any tie dye in our shop:

Next weekend, September 10th & 11th we will be at Kelly Point Park in
Portland, Oregon for the annual HempStalk Festival.  Come by and check
out our booth and get yourself a tie dye hemp t-shirt (will be on etsy

I also have a cool video I took last week of Mt. Adams in Washington,
check it out here:

We have two new tank top patterns all tie dyed up too!  A Rainbow
Spiral Tank Top and a Rastaman Spiral Tank Top, you can find these and
more at