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New Item: Rainbow Bandolier Tie Dye Tank Top

Rainbow Bandolier Tie Dye Tank Top for sale for $20, including shipping!

Check it out at

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Youth Sized Tie Dye T-Shirts For Sale!

Yeah Mon! I&I finished making our youth sized tie dye t-shirts. Right now we have three designs ready to sell…

Buy them for $15 each (includes shipping!) at

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Made By Hippies Dot Com is the #1 site on Yahoo for a “Tie Dye For Sale” Search!!!

Man, the traffic for Made By Hippies Dot Com has been increasing steadily ever since August 2008 but this latest push has been very impressive. The last couple of weeks traffic has surged to well over 100 visitors a day. About half the traffic is from website links and the other half is from search engines. I have been receiving more and more orders too, so that is great!

Today I noticed some extra traffic being generated from the Yahoo search engine. It caught my eye because so far I have been getting most of my search engine traffic from google. So I checked it out and the results are awesome!!!

This is definitely my biggest search engine accomplishment to date. For the search term “Tie Dye For Sale” on yahoo my site ranks #1!!!

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Shaman Tie Dye T-Shirts for Sale

The Tie Dye Sale Begins…..

Up for sale is this sweet example of Made By Hippies screenprinting.

We found this ancient design that was painted on a cave wall in China thousands of years ago by the ancient shamans of antiquity and applied it to a tie dyed t-shirt.

This is a one of a kind item. We sell them on our website for $25 and now we have some for sale on our etsy website for just $15!

Preshrunk and colorfast.

Buy it now and get in style!


Check out the link to our etsy page on the sidebar of this blog.

Or go to

Made By Hippies Newsletter

Made By Hippies Tie Dye Newsletter

I just started a newsletter so I can send out a few updates to fans of our tie dyes. I plan on offering a monthly special on a specific shirt that will only be offered to members of the Made By Hippies Tie Dye Mailing List. So sign up and stay tuned!


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Lampworking has started in our studio!

We finally started our glass lampworking lessons this month and things are going well. It is a bit challenging at first just learning how to work and control the hot glass but we are learning quickly. We have begun to work on making some small pendants which are turning out really cool, even at these early stages.

So stay tuned for more, we will hopefully have some one of a kind glass pendents for sale on our etsy site soon.


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Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Tie Dye T-Shirts For Sale

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Tie Dye T-Shirts are now for sale at Made By Hippies Dot Com.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity T-Shirt
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity T-Shirt

There are two styles to choose from, blue with a gold stripe or a gold shirt with a blue stripe.They both have the greek letters PI KAPPA PHI screen printed onto the chest.This shirt was made by Brother Erik “Swede” Granstrom of the Zeta Gamma Chapter (U of North Dakota) of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.It can be found for sale here: price is just $20, which is a special deal for my Pi Kappa Phi Brothers as my other Tie Dye T-Shirts with screenprinted designs are normally $25.Wholesale prices are avaliable for the chapter that wants to buy over a dozen tie dyes.Thanks for looking!I’m damn proud to be a Pi Kappa Phi!Swede ZG #244

On Wednesday Feb 18th, 2009 I launched the Pi Kappa Phi Tie Dye T-Shirt using the mailing list from my old Pi Kappa Phi Online Community website, and I got the most hits I have ever had in one day. It was pretty sweet! Thanks Pi Kapps!

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My first number one Google search ranking!! For Camo Peace Sign!

I was checking some of the keywords used to find today and someone used Camo Peace Sign as a search term. So I checked it out on Google search and to my suprise and pleasure I found my website as the number one ranked site on google for the keyword “Camo Peace Sign” and then my other website as the number eight ranked website for the same search words. Man, my own hard work typing and typing html code and more pure html code is really paying off. It makes me happy!!!

Here is a screen shot I took. I have been working on the website a little too, cleaning up some of the copy and adding a bit to the menus, then I will propagate the changes through all the pages over the next few days.

A big photo shoot is in the works for the next week or so…. So stay tuned for lots more cool pictures to come!


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Tie Dye hustling at the Portland Gift Show

I&I will be at the Portland Gift show this Saturday – Thursday Jan 10-13, 2009 at the Convention Center. We have a booth on the Artisan’s Alley and are going to try to find a few shop keepers interested in our tie dye clothing and score a couple wholesale orders. This is our first time at anything like this, a non-retail event so we are excited to give it a try. The website if you want to check it out is:

No real website updates lately. We designed an awesome tri-fold Made By Hippies brochure last night and we are working hard making tie dyes and getting ready for this weekends show.

No more snow in Portland now, but it was crazy for a while.


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Tie Dye is for the whole world


I found a list that translates TIE DYE into a bunch of different languages…

direct link is here:

Tie Dye, Tie-Dye, Tye Dye

Dansk (Danish)
n. – tie-and-dye, knyttefarve, batikfarvning
v. tr. – farve med tie-and-dye, batikfarve

Nederlands (Dutch)
(het) knoopverven

Français (French)
n. – chinage par peinture
v. tr. – chiner par peinture

Deutsch (German)
v. – (durch Abbinden) unregelmäßig einfärben
n. – Bindenbatikverfahren

Ελληνική (Greek)
v. – βάφω μπατίκ (έτσι ώστε το χρώμα να μην πάει παντού)

Italiano (Italian)
tintura a strisce

Português (Portuguese)
v. – criar desenhos através de tingir camisetas em nó

Русский (Russian)
покрасить ткань/одежду, крашенная ткань/одежда

Español (Spanish)
n. – método de teñido, batik
v. tr. – teñir

Svenska (Swedish)
v. – knytfärgning (textil)

中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified))
扎染, 扎染织物, 将布扎紧使其染后形成白色花纹的一种染法, 以此染法染色

中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional))
n. – 紮染, 紮染織物
v. tr. – 將布紮緊使其染後形成白色花紋的一種染法, 以此染法染色

한국어 (Korean)
n. – 홀치기 염색, 홀치기 염색을 한 옷
v. tr. – 홀치기 염색으로 한다

日本語 (Japanese)
n. – 絞り染め, 絞り染めした衣服
v. – 絞り染めする

‏(فعل) طريقه لصبغ الأقمشه‏

עברית (Hebrew)
n. – ‮צביעת בד עם קשירת חוטים כדי להסתיר חלקים מהבד מהצבע‬
v. tr. – ‮צבע בתהליך זה