2004 Journey Erik's Travels Fiji

Sunburnt Already…

We spent New Years Eve on a remote tropical island in the Northern area of Fiji. After a four plus hour boat ride we were taken ashore to find out that we were the only guest staying in the resort. At first Pete and I were a bit dismayed by this, after planning on spending the night in the midst of a large gathering of intoxicated expatriates. However we soon discovered that we were pretty lucky. There were three small resorts on the shore of the island we were staying on, so for New Years we simply walked over to one of the other resorts for a few beers. We had after all drunk all the beers at our resort, not too hard of a task because they only had eight to begin with.

New Years day was spent in the most splendid manner of doing absolutely nothing but swaying the the cool tropical breeze from our hammocks which were conveniently placed just a short distance from both our bere (island hut) and the beach.

Today we took the boat back to Nadi and upgraded our accommodations to a bit nicer place named Aquarius Fiji. We are going to attempt to leave for Australia a bit earlier then planned because it is expensive here in Fiji if one is not very careful.