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First roadtrip down, many more to come…

First roadtrip down, many more to comeā€¦

I left on Thursday morning, April 21st, to head over to Grand Forks, North Dakota in my van to visit my friends and to attend the Pi Kappa Phi Roseball Formal. After two days of uneventful driving I pulled into Grand Forks and rendezvoused with Pete and my other friends at the Down UNDer pub to partake in some $1.50 pitchers of beer.

The weekend went by pretty fast and I had plenty of fun, but it seems like not much ever changes in ol’ GF, ND.

Tuesday afternoon I drove down to the Minneapolis suburb of Edina to visit my friend Jack. After getting my entire dose of television in for the whole year I departed Edina on Thursday morning to begin strangely enough the funniest part of my trip, touring South Dakota & Wyoming. I visited Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Jewel Cave &
Devil’s Tower before heading off across Wyoming towards Yellowstone National Park.

However when I arrived in Cody, Wyoming I found out that the road to Yellowstone was closed for another week. So I trucked it up through Montana and then followed the scenic Highway 12 through Idaho, following Meriwether Lewis & William Clark’s original route and brought me back home on Sunday evening of May 2nd.

While driving through Clarkston, Washington at about 45 MPH I heard a loud thunk and looked in my mirror quickly to see a small white object bouncing down the road behind my van. At first thinking some critical part of my van fell off I then realized that I had somehow been just lucky enough to have been hit with a golf ball from the nearby course. What are the chances?