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The Purple Goat is On the Rise : Happy End of The Year!

HiYa Hippies,

Just wanted to drop a line and wish you all a Happy Last Day Of the Year!!!

Yeah, 2014 was actually pretty good.  Lots better then 2013, when the word ended but we had to keep living in it all year.So see ya 2014 and let’s welcome in 2015 in style, fully dressed in tie dye of course!

Be sure to check out our Etsy site, for any tie dyes that inspire you and use coupon code HOLIDAZE to score 25% off anything in your cart through the 1st.

If you place an order on our regular website, we will throw in a bonus gift for ya for any orders placed on the last day of 2014 or the first day of 2015.

Also check out my bro Stoned Sully and his new musical album: The Esoteric Pterodactyl 

Check out the Tie Dye Bandanna Bandits song for the Hippyland part.

The Purple Goat

Remember, in 2015 The Purple Goat is On the Rise!